About L-café

L-café is a free and open space to meet with your peers and learn about other languages and cultures through conversations with students from around the world.

If you have ever wanted to study another language outside of regular classroom setting or desire to communicate more effectively with international students, then please consider coming to L-café regularly for its friendly and relaxed environment. L-café is a great place to meet other Okayama University students who have similar goals as you and also wish to achieve them. If you’re not confident in your English skills yet, please stop by and meet our general workers or supervisors who will be glad to get you connected with the services we offer to help you improve your English skills. Please come in to take the first step! 

L-café is made up of five main themes; “Exchange,” “Learning,” “Consultation,” and “Information.” The last theme is “Café” which we use as a means of supporting lifelong language learning.


From joining events in the local community, to eating lunch and having free English conversations with international students, language and cultural exchange can happen at any moment! L-café encourages you to come in daily to expand your horizons through fun and naturally paced language exchange.


We offer skill level and goal based lessons, as well as TOEIC, TOEFL, and IELTS English lessons for free. For those interested, please fill out an online sign-up sheet. We also offer freestyle English lessons without you having to sign


The ability to have consultations with exchange students, Japanese teachers, and teachers from other countries. Get personalized consultation about the programs that would suit YOU the best for your ventures in studying abroad.


Learn about studying other languages and studying abroad through pamphlets in L-café. Not only that, but we also have foreign news playing, so you can gain information about the world.


Here, “café” doesn’t mean what you think it does! “Café” was originally used as an acronym for “Conversation And Friendly Environment.” When L-café was created, our biggest emphasis was on English education. However, now we also hold German, French, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese “cafés” as well! French, Chinese, and Japanese cafés are held in L-café, whereas German and Korean are held in the General Education Building. Come sip on some coffee or tea, eat some snacks, and enjoy language learning in a social and friendly environment. (See here for more details)