L-café is amazing!

Director / Vice President
(Education / International) Hiroshi Sano

 Did you know that Okayama University has an L-café? Recently, the activity has been gradually recognized on campus, and the number of students using L-café has increased. However, it seems that few people know how great it is.
L-café is amazing.
 First, the number of annual users. In 2014, the total number of users exceeded 20,000, and last year there were more than 30,000 users. Even if you look around the campus, is the library the only learning space that has so many users?
And the degree of content. At L-café, along with various English lesson classes, there are beginner foreign language classes in French, Chinese, Korean, and German, as well as a Japanese cafe for international students. It is said that there are many students whose TOEIC scores have improved through L-café lessons. I feel that it is a waste to not use it.
 Furthermore, L-café does more than just learn a foreign language. There are various events to interact with international students from various countries. Rediscovering their own Japanese culture by visiting a school uniform maker in Kojima with international students, participating in festivals in Yakage Town, and experiencing experiences that they had never known before with international students from different cultures. It will also be possible. It can be said that this kind of experience is unique to L-café.
 Finally, the most amazing thing is the enthusiasm and frank and warm atmosphere of the staff including Mr. Fujimoto. L-café is supported by these aspiring staff.
 Come on, everyone, please try to experience such an amazing L-café once. I will say it again. It’s a waste not to use L-café while at Okayama University.